Meg Martin Chosen as Nursing's 1st SocPop Scholar

The School of Nursing is very excited to name Meg Martin (Nursing, Health Policy) as thier 1st SocPop scholar.

The SocPop Scholars Program is set to begin in December 2016 and will include scholars from each of the 6 SocPop programs (Sociology, Nursing, Anthropology, History of Health Sciences, Global Health, and Epidemiology & Translational Sciences)

Scholars from each program were chosen based on their research interests and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary collaboration fall in line with the mission of SocPop.

 Each scholar will be paid a  stipend.  Duties of this position include:

  •     Attending quarterly meetings (beginning in January)
  •     Working with other SocPop Scholars to create a social media plan for the consortium
  •     Composing a brief bio, which highlights research interests and interdisciplinary collaboration.

For more information about the SocPop Consortium, visit their website, here.