Health Policy Advisory Committee

The Health Policy program has the assistance of the program advisory committee who provides consultation and promotion of the program. The members of the advisory committee are very enthusiastic about the program and actively participate in program promotion and student recruitment. Their contribution to the establishment and evolution of the program is invaluable. The following individuals serve on the advisory committee:

  • Diana M. Bonta, RN, DrPH
    Vice President, Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region, and former Director of the California Department of Health Services.
  • Marilyn Chow, RN, DNSc, FAAN,
    Vice President of Patient Care Services, Kaiser Pemanente, California Division
  • Sally Cohen, RN, PhD
    Associate Professor and Senior Fellow, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Center for Health Policy, University of New Mexico
  • Kristine M. Gebbie, RN, DrPH
    Director, Center for Health Policy, Columbia University School of Nursing
  • David Keepnews, RN, PhD, J.D., FAAN
    Associate Professor, Hunter- Bellevue School of Nursing , Hunter College
    Editor, Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice
  • Elizabeth Saviano, RN, PhD, J.D.
    Principal, Law Offices of Elizabeth C. Saviano, San Francisco